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The Latest Backer Update

Since settling back into life in the States I’ve been busy working on my backers’ rewards. (Don’t worry there’s many more posts to come again soon!) In the meantime, as of November, I’ve sent out rewards to the following pledge levels:

  • Rooster
  • Hog
  • Goat
  • Cow
  • Yak
  • Camel

For my project’s next steps, I’ve:

  • Officially drafted my first five eBook chapters (Woohoo!),
  • Purchased 8×10 prints (they came out great!),
  • Assembled all note cards (excellent resolution on the 4x6s),
  • Ordered photo book samples (and will be purchasing them soon!),
  • And sent out my first two newsletters with exclusive content for backers in the Yak-level category and above!

I’ll make sure to keep you all posted with further developments for backers, including shipping dates, in the coming weeks!

All the best,



What is your project?

The 10 chapter travelogue in e-book form with stories from my year and corresponding coffee-table photo book represent the culmination of my year as a Fulbright Fellow in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The goal is to SHARE my experiences and firsthand knowledge of “The Land of the Eternal Blue Sky” with YOU!

Through the e-book audiences will learn why:

  • Drinking vodka on the job is sometimes vital to success
  • It’s okay to cancel class due to spirit possession
  • Singing Frank Sinatra is crucial for classroom management
  • Barging in unannounced is perfectly fine
  • Changing clothes in public is acceptable
  • Shamans are sometimes the best doctors
  • Although basketball is the most popular sport, the M(ongolian)NBA struggles to survive
  • Horse racing, one of the national “manly” sports, is just for children
  • High fashion can look like a Halloween costume contest
  • And More!

In the eBookeach chapter will address a different area of Mongolian society and daily life, ranging from transportation to cuisine to religious beliefs.

In the hardcover photo book, each section will correspond with an e-book chapter, so you can read your e-book and reference the photos to see with your own eyes what I’m describing!

For more information on my project please check out the live Kickstarter page:


One response to “Kickstarter Info”

  1. ashan says :

    wow, thank you for your share!
    I am a Mongolian, live in China, i never been to Ulaanbaatar, hope goto there next summer.

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