“The Golden Scissors” Gallery

April Fool’s Day was the date of a very serious national competition in Mongolia, the “Golden Scissors,” a contest between the country’s top cosmetology students.  My school, the Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic School of Art and Production, was well represented and my gracious coworkers even cancelled my classes so that I could go to cheer on our students! Members of our vocational program performed extremely well and I congratulate them all! I’m especially pleased to see students from my English club win so many prizes!

Without a press pass it was very difficult to document this event. I thank my friend and coworker, Bayara Barayz, for these stellar photos, all of which are his. I hope the viewers enjoy the spectacle a fraction as much as I did!


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4 responses to ““The Golden Scissors” Gallery”

  1. Pam says :

    The werewolf boy is really freakish….well NONE of them are normal “go out to dinner” looks! Are the young men who are dressed up for this likely to be seen looking feminine outside of the competition? Is that look OK generally in a country that prides itself on masculine feats of strength?

  2. petersponderings says :

    Are you sure you don’t dress up like this when you go out?! Well, it’s difficult to say as gender roles and norms here are very different than from in the States. There are some fashions and customs, such as men carrying their girlfriend’s purses, that would be seen as very not masculine in our cultural context but are actually very “macho” here. It’s not common to see any of the more extreme looks out in public in Ulaanbaatar, but the more toned-down cuts (e.g. very short hair on the sides and long on top) are fairly ubiquitous among young men.

  3. Greca Durant says :

    Hello Peter,
    May I call you by your first name? I’m glad I found your blog.
    I am amazed at the talent of the cosmetology students at your university. My team and I are looking for a make-up artist/hairdresser for a fashion photoshoot and we would like to check out some of the students who were in the competition. What’s the address of your university? I’m not sure if you are in session.

    I’m Greca Durant, a first grade teacher at the International School of Ulaanbaatar. My US friend is arriving next week and I’m organizing the photoshoot for her. The make-up artist/hairdresser we’re looking for should be able to do tribal/alien/futuristic look similar to the pictures you posted.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can extend to us.

    Yours truly,

    • petersponderings says :

      Hi Greca!

      Sorry to get back to you a bit late! I was on a 4-day fishing trip without internet access when you posted your message.

      It’s a pleasure to hear from you and I would love to help. Please send me a message at pjbitt21@gmail.com and I will forward you the contact information of several people who may be able to assist you!

      Currently, the university is not in session and most of the students and staff are in the countryside. That said, it’s worth a shot!

      As in most places in Mongolia, listed postal addresses are not very helpful in locating what you’re looking for. The Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnical School of Art and Production is north of PC mall – the one across from King’s Crown Pub – by 2 blocks. It’s just past a daycare center on the right hand side of the street as you’re headed towards the ger district. It has a grey soviet-style exterior and usually flies the Mongolian and Indian flags right near the main entrance.)

      Best of luck with your photo shoot and hope to hear from you soon to put you in touch! Wish I was there currently to help personally.


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